Dial 10-10-ALO to call long distance!
Live outside Ontario or Quebec? No problem, get the lowest rates only from G3 Telecom.

Free Long Distance from G3 Telecom

Absolutely 100% risk-free and no money down.

You can still avail of low rates and great long distance service even if you're not an Ontario / Quebec resident or a Bell / Rogers subscriber. Our sister company, G3 Telecom, has been a leading and trusted long distance service provider since 1999.

Please visit g3telecom.com to see the complete list of rates and other specials.

How to sign up for G3's free long distance trial

Step 1

We will send you a notification email with dialing instructions.

Step 1

It only takes 10 seconds to get our 100% free long distance trial

Step 1

Simply pick up the phone* and start enjoying our free long distance service! It's that easy!

*Free long distance trial must be used with the phone number registered during sign up.

Why Choose 10-10-ALO?

  • NO hidden fees
  • NO prepayment
  • NO monthly fees
  • NO contracts
  • NO need to switch carriers
  • Charges appear on your local phone bill