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Customer Testimonials

Best Rate

"Best rate I've found so far and Bell Canada has been charging too much for long distance calls to the Caribbean, hate buying calling cards."

from Aphia, Montreal
Destination called: St. Vincent

Best rates ever

"This is the best rates ever been in telcom. I'll talk a lot about ALO to all my friends and collegues. Continue to use it so the company will get us better rates. Tx."

from Bachir, Ottawa
Destination called: Morocco, France


"Service is excellent!"

from Raymond Atallah, Montreal, Quebec
Destination called: Australia, Lebanon

Best company I ever used

"Thanks, best company I ever used : clear line, cheap rate, available all time and very nice specials, you should give it often."

from Hana, Quebec
Destination called: Lebanon, Australia, Italy, USA

Excellent rates and service

"Thanks ALO for your excellent rates and service!"

from Anne, Toronto
Destination called: Philippines,Jordan

Best rates to call to Russia

"You have the best rates to call to Russia. Thank you for your services. I love it."

from Pasha Volkova, Toronto
Destination called: Russia

I'm saving lot of money

"Thank you for your service I'm saving lot of money on my long distance bill!"

from Tony Youssef, Toronto
Destination called: Lebanon, Venezuela, Ecuador, Australia

Very happy to use this line

"I am very happy to use this line...very good voice (quality). Thank you ALO."

from Ajaib, Canada
Destination called: India

Rates look excellent

"Came to know about your service only yesterday. Your rates look excellent. I enjoyed the 1 cent per min. call to Sri Lanka."

from Jeevasagayam, Canada
Destination called: Sri Lanka

Great job

"Great job, thank you!"

from Farwin, Canada
Destination called: Sri Lanka

Cheapest company I've ever used

"Wow, it is the cheapest company I've ever used. Just wondering how do you select countries for the promotions 1Cent ..great sound...thanks 1010ALO..."

from John, Toronto
Destinations called: Mexico, Lebanon, Europe

Very pleased with your rates

"I am very pleased with your rates I told all my friends calling Malta is half the rate I was paying before. Thank you ALO."

from Annie, Richmond Hill Ont
Destination called: Malta

Cheapest I've ever used

"I'm so pleased with your service. It's the cheapest I've ever used. I was able to chat with my friends in Venezuela for an hour for $3.00. It was such a good connection. I noticed the network connection fee has been changed from Sept.30th to the end of October. Hope that keeps changing as we go along. I'm telling all my friends about 1010 ALO!!!"

from Cecile G, Sudbury
Destination called: Margarita Island, Venezuela


"You are the BEST!"

from Sylvester, Scarborough, ON
Destination called: Colombo-Sri Lanka

Cheapest rate and the best service

"Now I can say I found the right and the cheapest rate and the best service for my long distance calls. Thank you ALO."

from Simon Chouchan, Toronto, ON

Service is better and more efficient

"I'm so thankful I discovered 1010ALO. Not only are your rates WAY cheaper than my old long distance service provider, the service is better and more efficient. I couldn't be any happier!"

from Trisha Balagtas, Scarborough, ON
Destination called: Manila, Philippines

Best rates

"A friend told me to use this new long distance service 10-10-ALO. I'm glad I did. They have the best rates. "

from John V., Sudbury, Ontario
Destination called: Sri Lanka

Cheap rates

"Clear quality, friendly service, cheap rates. Thanks alo."

from M.K., Canada
Destination called: UK

Low rates

"I'm very happy you introduced such low rates. Great job 1010alo."

from Pranav, Brampton ON
Destination called: India

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