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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

Q: How does 10-10-ALO (256) work?

A: When you dial 10-10-ALO (256) prior to the phone number you are calling, this lets you "dial around" the long distance service on your home phone. Your calls are then carried by ALO Telecom, rather than by your regular long distance telephone provider.

Q: Can I still use 10-10-ALO if I have an existing long distance provider?

A: Absolutely. You can always use 10-10-ALO anytime to save on all your long distance calls.

Q: What time of the day are your lowest rates available?

A: 10-10-ALO's rates are low all the time. You can enjoy 10-10-ALO's low long distance rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can call anytime you want!

Q: Can I also use 10-10-ALO (256) to send faxes?

A: Yes, definitely. You can use 10-10-ALO (256) to send faxes, as well as place long distance phone calls.

Q: Why are rates for some countries lower than others?

A: Rates are dependent on the telecommunication networks set up in the country you are calling; thus, long distance rates may vary from one country to another.

Q: What is a country code termination?

A: A country code termination is an international toll number assigned to certain institutions in various countries or destinations. These may include hospitals, banks, government institutions, universities, and army bases.

Q: Can I use 10-10-ALO (256) while I travel, or from a pay phone or hotel?

A: No, 10-10-ALO (256) is currently only available from your residential Bell or Rogers telephone line.

Q: Can I use 10-10-ALO (256) from landlines in the US?

A: No, at the moment, 10-10-ALO (256) is only available from Bell and Rogers telephone landlines in Ontario and Quebec.

Q: Why are your long distance rates much lower than my home phone provider's?

A: Our promise is to provide you exceptional quality and service. ALO always shops for the best deal and rates for our customers by buying bulk minutes from various carriers, so we can pass on the savings to you every time you use 10-10-ALO.

Gtting Started

Q: How do I use 10-10-ALO (256)?

A: You can start using 10-10-ALO (256) on any Bell or Rogers landline phone in Ontario and Quebec. What's so great about this service is that there are NO contracts to sign, NO credit applications to fill in, and you don't have to switch your phone carrier. Simply dial 10-10-ALO (256) before entering the long distance number you're calling and start saving with our LOW, LOW rates!

Q: Do I need to wait for a dial tone after I dial 10-10-ALO before dialing the long distance number?

A: No, you certainly don't have to. When dialing, do not pause between the numbers. Dial all numbers one after the other.

Dial 10-10-256 + 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number when calling Canada, USA or the Caribbean.


Dial 10-10-256 + 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number when calling other countries.

Long Distance Charges & Billing

Q: Does 10-10-ALO (256) have any surcharges, hidden or connection fees?

A: No, with 10-10-ALO (256), you only pay for the minutes you use. There are NO network fees, NO surcharges, NO connection fees, NO hidden fees.

For example, if you make a 5-minute call to the US, your total charge will be 5 minutes x 2.9¢ (per minute to the US) = 14.5¢. The computed amount (which is 14.5¢ in our example) will be the only 10-10-ALO (256) charge that will appear on your regular phone bill.

Click here to see how a sample telephone bill might look like.

Q: Will I get charged by my regular long distance provider if I use 10-10-ALO?

A: No, your long distance provider will not charge you for any long distance call you make using 10-10-ALO (256). But you have to dial 10-10-ALO (256) before the number you wish to call so your call will be carried on ALO's network and billed at ALO's low long distance rates.

Q: What increments does 10-10-ALO (256) use for its calls?

A: All calls are billed by the minute. For example, if your call lasts for 4 minutes and 40 seconds, it will then be billed at 5 minutes.

Q: Will I get charged for a call when the other party failed to connect or pick up?

A: No, you won't. You will only have to pay for calls that do get connected, and this includes voice mail and answering machines.

Q: Will the long distance rates be higher if I call a cellular phone?

A: Higher cellular rates may apply for some countries.

Q: How will I receive my 10-10-ALO bill?

A: Your charges with all your call details will appear on your regular phone bill at the end of the month. Depending on your usual telephone service provider's billing cycle, you simply pay your phone bill as usual (including all applicable taxes).

Click here to see how a sample telephone bill might look like.

Q: What do I do if I have a question about my bill?

A: Our customer service is available from 9:00 AM to 12 (Midnight) EST, seven days a week. You may call us during these hours at:
Toronto: (416) 499-1599
Toll Free: 1-866-261-3895
or email us at info@1010alo.ca.

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